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Why use a Travel Agent

Getting the most out of your Disney vacation means planning in advance of your arrival and a travel agent can help with that based on countless hours of personal experience and training.  Here are my top 10 reasons that it can be helpful to use a travel agent even if you are a seasoned Disney veteran.

1. Knowledge: Travel agents know their stuff and stay connected.

  • College of Disney knowledge: Travel agents specializing in Disney Destinations go through training at the College of Disney Knowledge.
  • Personal Experience: We personally spend countless hours in Walt Disney World, Disneyland and on Disney Cruise Line; we have also received training in the other destinations and can assist you in planning your Aulani and Adventures by Disney Vacations as well. we not only know about these destinations but we are passionate about them and our experience and training does not end with Disney.  We also book vacations to other destinations and on all major cruise lines.
  • Professional Training: We constantly attend professional training event in order to insure we are informed and up to date on the constantly changing information at the theme parks and many other destinations.
  • Disney Genie, Photopass, MagicBand, Park Hopper, Memory Maker... Those are all terms and options that travel agents are very familiar with.  We can help decode all of them for you and decide which option you should use and how best to use it.  All of these options work very differently in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Parks.

2. Keeping Current: We stay up to date with Disney news and offers.

  • Through Travel Agent emails and following along on various forms of blogs and social media we do our best to stay up to date with all of the Disney news, events and offers.
  • We can let you know what attractions might be closed during your trip or for part of your vacation so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Resort refurbishments and other announcements are another thing that that we always try to stay up to date with. We can tell you if a resort you are considering might be under construction or have a pool or other closure during your planned stay.
  • When a specific resort refurbishment has been in question, I have personally visited the site & taken video for my guests to help them decide.

3. Cost Research: Let your travel agent do the research for you.

  • When you know that you want to go on a vacation, but you may not yet have decided on a specific destination or dates. Let us discuss with you various details such as the differences in the resorts, the dates and options for special offers available, crowds and prices during certain times of the year, the options for cruise ships and cruise destinations and more.  We can compare and contrast different options for you to get the right vacation for your money.
  • A courtesy hold may be available for your desired reservation. With minimal information, allow us to put a hold on a vacation package that you are considering.  We are often able to hold the reservation for up to 72 hours with no deposit.  This not only gives you the time to think about whether or not the vacation package is right for you, it also takes away the stress of the room or promotion availability not being there if you do decide to book.

4. Special Offers & Promotions: We watch for promotions and have knowledge of the details.

  • When Disney releases a promotion they only allow a certain number of rooms, at select resorts, for select room types. Time is of the essence when a promotion is released; once those rooms are gone there may not be availability for that promotion at a specific resort.
  • Already have a vacation booked through a travel agent? The morning a promotion is released; we check all of our reservations and automatically move them to the promotion if it saves money.  If a promotion does not fit your reservation, we will contact you & educate you about what you might be able to change to take advantage of the promotion.
  • Disney often offers more than one promotion for a select date range. We can discuss with you the benefits of each promotion; this way you discover the promotion that best benefits your family’s vacation style.

5. Dining Reservations: Dining reservations are especially important at Walt Disney World.

  • Your reservations will be available for you to book months prior to your arrival and your travel agent will be there for you to help you grab those hard-to-get reservations for your family. If we don’t find a reservation right away we will keep watching for a spot to become available.
  • Disney-focused travel agents also have a great deal of personal experience with dining. We can assist you by making recommendations based on your travel party, food preferences, ambiance or other things that you are looking for.
  • Considering a dining plan for your vacation? We can help you decide if a dining plan would benefit you and which specific dining plan would be the best fit.

6. Itinerary Planning: We are always here to help you plan and make the most out of your days.

  • If you do not visit Disney often, you may like some assistance planning your days to get the most out of your vacation time. Even if you are an experienced Disney traveler, let us spend our time at odd hours of the day grabbing your desired reservations for you.
  • There is a brand new program called Disney Genie+.  It has taken the place of the previous Fastpass system & offers options to lightning lanes that have shorter lines.  We are here to explain & help you decide what you should pay for & what to skip.
  • We will make sure you are aware of any required virtual attractionn queues so that you don't end up missing out on any of the newest attractions.
  • Park tickets: There are all sorts of park ticket options available. Should you add the Park Hopper option or the Park Hopper Plus option to your ticket?  We are here to help you decode the details & decide what is best for you.

7. Secrets and Hidden Gems: Fun and free things to do in Disneyland, Disney World and on Disney Cruise Line that you may not know of.

  • A travel agent will know the inside scoop and be able to give you a heads up before you depart for your vacation. There are numerous, exciting activities around Walt Disney World that are even outside of the parks.  You can go bowling, enjoy a game of Disney style mini-golf, go horseback riding, fishing, parasailing or even take a cooking lesson with a Disney chef.
  • You might be celebrating something special like your honeymoon, a Birthday or an anniversary where you would like to plan something extra special in or away from the parks. We can help plan special activities for your kids like Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, Pirates League, a special tea time and more; all of this planning comes with thinking of location, timing & the best option for the best price.
  • A travel agent can help you with stroller or scooter rentals if you need them and for something extra special we can help you book tours that allow you to go behind the scenes in the Disney parks.
  • Not all of Disney’s Hidden Gems will cost extra; there are many diverse activities that are free for you to take advantage of as a park guest; and we can point those out to you.

8. Trouble Shooting: When you work with a travel agent we are happy to help you trouble shoot issues before or during your trip.

  • We can assist you in putting together your groups which might mean connecting rooms or setting up your My Disney Experience account so that everyone can link Fastpasses and dining reservations. If you are having trouble customizing your MagicBands or making reservations in your My Disney Experience account, we can walk you through the process or maybe there is a glitch in the system and we can call for you and get everything figured out.
  • If you are already on vacation and have trouble locating something, we can make those calls for you so that you can enjoy your time in the parks. We can assist you with things like, last minute dining reservations or making your deposit on a bounce back offer so that you don’t have to spend your vacation time standing in line.

9. Saving Time:

This is your vacation, you do not need to be spending your time doing research for things like resorts, dining, special offers, Disney Cruise Ships and itineraries and especially making those reservations that may open up at midnight or early in the morning. We are here to worry about those things for you so that you can continue through you day.  We don’t want the planning process to be so stressful for you that you give up on planning your vacation before it even starts.  We want your vacation, including the planning, to be as enjoyable as possible.

10. FREE Service:

The most important part of using a travel agent may be the fact that we provide a FREE service to you.  Yes, it is FREE for you.  It does not cost you anything extra to book through a travel agent than it does to book directly through Disney online or by phone.  We can save you time and money by helping you select the best resort or destination and also assisting you with choosing the optimal promotion or saving money by automatically applying a promotion to your vacation if one becomes available.  We CAN use those Pin code offers that you might get in the mail or in your email.  With those offers you CAN still book through a travel agent.

More than just Walt Disney World:  We are always here to help you plan much more than Walt Disney World.  Maybe you want to visit other Orlando theme parks, a great beach or even add a cruise to your vacation.  We are here to assist you with all of that and more.  If you are looking for an adventure beyond the theme parks, reach out to us.  We are here to help you plan your next dream destination vacation!

There you have it, 10 reasons to book your next Disney vacation through a travel agent.  Now what are you waiting for?  It all starts with a free quote or just fill out the contact form with some general information.