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LegoLand Florida

LegoLand Florida is the perfect park to visit for Lego fans of all ages.  Although a majority of the park is dedicated to families with children ages 2 - 12, my boys have enjoyed our Lego Adventures through in the parks.  With three Resort options, a water park and theme park, smiles awat around every corner.  LegoLand Florida now offers its own resort & is located about 37 miles from Walt Disney World.  If you have Lego crazy children in your family, you will want to add a stop in this park during your next vacation in Florida.

Photo Gallery

The Legoland sign on the street corner lets my kids know that we have arrived

Legoland Florida entrance sign

A dragon made entirely of Legos

Watch out for this Lego dragon he spits

Legoland map

The Big Lego Store

Legoland Brick Or Treat Trail Sign. This is a special Halloween event exclusively for children 12 and under.

Legoland Brick or Treat Trail

Life size Darth Maul made entirely of Lego Bricks

close-up of Lego Darth Maul

Even this little Chef is made of Legos in Legoland

Lego Factory where you can buy Legos by the individual brick

Las Vegas Excalibur in Lego Mini-Land

Las Vegas Mirage Hotel in Lego Mini-Land

Las Vegas New York, New York in Lego Mini-Land

Found some pirate treasure in Legoland

A Ghost along the Brick-or-Treat Trail in Legoland during Halloween

Lego witch along the Brick-or-Treat Trail

The Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty at Pirate’s Cove, is a show worth attending.

Brickbeard’s Ship is the stage for the Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty show.

Apple Fries, a unique treat to LEGOLAND

Be sure to tour the Cypress Gardens & see the beautiful, giant Banyan Tree

This gazebo in the Cypress gardens would be the perfect place for a wedding

It was raining fragrant, pink petals from the trees around the gazebo. It was so beautiful it looked surreal.

Lego Indiana Jones along the Brick Or Treat Trail

Brick or Treat Station

LEGOLAND Halloween Party

Lego Bat

Lego Car

Get your lunch in a Lego sandwich box at the Lakeside Sandwich Co.

Lost Kingdom Adventure ride

Lost Kingdom Adventure ride

The Lego pirate ships at battle were fun to watch. The still photo doesn’t do them justice.

"RIP Seymour Models" lol what more can I say?

Lego Star Wars Battle on Endor. The Star Wars sets were amazing & some of the family favorites.

Statue of St Francis, the patron Saint of animals in the Cypress Gardens