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Rob-M Hawaii-2018
"Melissa is an old client of mine in Real Estate, this is how I got to know her and her family! I quickly discovered just how different she was as a client. She was so thorough with everything involving the sale of her house, so prompt with getting back to me and just so darn freaking nice! We all know that when you are going through a tough transaction that it becomes very easy to get frustrated, IT WAS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE WITH MELISSA. SHE WAS SO NICE! Since that transaction, my family and I have used her twice for vacations, one to Florida and the other to Hawaii! Let me tell you something Melissa planned everything so so so PERFECTLY FOR US. We as a family could tell this right from the get go getting off the plane! SHE IS SO THOROUGH AND SO CARING! Did you know that she mailed me a book about Maui, how totally and completely awesome is that! I CHALLENGE ANYBODY I MEAN ANYBODY OUT THERE TO FIND SOMEBODY AS CARING, THOROUGH AND NICE AS MELISSA, when picking somebody to help you with your travel. YOU WON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Rob M., Colorado