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20230321 193645 - April P
"Finding Diagon Alley when opening the park and practically being the only people there was one of the most magical moments. Turning around that brick wall to see all it unfold was so overwhelming I teared up. To finally experience seeing in person what you've only seen in the movies was beautiful.

I'm usually pretty conservative and frugal in trying to find the best deals in everything I spend money on. I finally gave a travel agent a shot. Oh my goodness!! I had no idea what kind of deals I was missing out on. I'm a drive not fly, pack lunches not go out to eat type person, and I felt like royalty staying at the resort and getting benefits at the parks. I will never go back to doing it myself. Melissa made everything seamless and never pushed selling anything. She gave me time and helped me work through my indecisiveness. 100% will be going back to her for all my needs." *P* Family, Indiana - Universal Orlando