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Meet Our Travel Planners

Planning a vacation doesn’t have to by overwhelming.  We’re here for you.  We are time savers and vacation matchmakers adding value with our exclusive and personalized service for your next vacation.  Whether you are traveling as a couple, a family, a multigenerational group, a corporate group or even solo, we are there to help you by providing unbiased recommendations where you come first.

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A few benefits of working with our Vacation Planners

  • Always talk to the same person about your vacation - Someone who knows you, what you want and is familiar with your situation
  • No long hold times - Avoid long hold times on the phone when you have a question, just talk to us & if needed we will hold for you.
  • Communicate in a way that is convenient for you - When you need to reach us you can email us, send us a text message, send us a Facebook message or call us.  Whatever works best for you is how we communicate with you.
  • In a digital world get your information in print - Before your departure we will send printed confirmations and information.  If you would rather not have printed copies, just let us know and we will send everything digitally.
  • You will have a friend to help you plan from start to finish and beyond - Once you plan a trip with us we become friends.  We always want what is in your best interest & we care about your experience.
  • An advocate for you - You are our #1 priority.  We are here to create a personalized vacation that is right for you and provide unbiased, honest recommendations.
  • All of our planning is always complimentary - That's right, you pay us no additional fees to assist you with your vacation.


Melissa Mathies, MCC - Owner / Vacation Planner

We must ask ourselves why we want to travel. As human beings we're the only animals who explore simply for the sake of adventure. We travel not to escape our current life, but rather to experience new and beloved destinations. We explore because we are curious and we want to see new things. We crave that taste, smell and the sounds of different places that transport us and remind us what a rich world we live in.
I understand that your adventure begins the moment you decide to go somewhere. Planning your vacation is half of the experience and it's always more fun to plan with a friend; every detail is important and I'm here to help you.

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Phone: 407-603-1127
Email: Melissa@PixieDustAdventures.com


Kristi Nellor - Vacation Planner

Belle had it right, we all want adventure and I'm here to help with the "somewhere!" As a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, I can truly say that something magical happens whenever I travel to a Disney Resort or sail on a Disney Cruise. My goal is to help you experience that same magical feeling, whether you've never been to a Disney property before or it's your 1000th time.

CLICK HERE and visit my page to read more about me...
Phone: 719-252-3297
Email: Kristi@PixieDustAdventures.com