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Marlene McVey - Travel Advisor

I like to have fun.  I like to smile and see others smile.  I have a happy dance.  I am obsessed with Stitch, alien experiment 626, who is such a cute, curious, and precocious rascal.  I like dark chocolate, wild cherry pepsi, karaoke, The Beatles, and DC Talk.  And I LOVE Disney!  

Just like Stitch has an insatiable curiosity to find out everything about planet Earth, I have an insatiable curiosity to find out everything about Disney and more.  To this end, I have traveled to Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Paris, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Canada, Grand Cayman, France, Columbia and Mexico.  These experiences hold  wonderful, treasured  memories.  And I am only getting started.  My bucket list now includes Europe, China, Japan, Greece, and Russia.

I read Walt Disney's biography.  He was a perfectionist, visionary and an inventor.  He would not settle for great, if something could be even greater.  Detail was extremely important.  I think Disney theme parks, cruises, Adventures with Disney, and all things Disney would meet his approval.

Disney is for kids.  Disney is for families.  But Disney is also for adults.  I love Disney cruises, but I've never taken my children or grandchildren with me on a Disney cruise.  I love seeing the Disney world through a child's eyes, but I also enjoy experiencing with my own eyes. My husband and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary at Disney Paris.  Now that was a celebration!  

I would be delighted to help you indulge your inner “Stitch” by helping you plan the perfect vacation for YOU.  Let me know what I can do to make your vacation full of treasured memories.  

Affiliate Agent with Cruises & Tours Unlimited
FST No. ST15578  CST No. 2090937-50

Graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge

Universal Orlando Resort Specialist

Princess Cruise Commodore Achievement


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